Hesseldahl Sound

is dedicated to perfecting your music. I guarantee 100% satisfaction with free revisions until you're happy. To ensure the best fit, I recommend sending your music to multiple studios for samples. If you send me a song, I'll master it and provide a free sample to help you decide if I'm the right choice for your unique project.

Here's how you do it.

Upload your songs securely via WeTransfer and send to Mikkel@hesseldahlsound.com
Place your order and aticipate confirmation. Within 1-2 days, expect your finalized master.
After approving the master, you'll receive an invoice for payment via bank transfer or MobilePay.
And remember, if you're not satisfied, you don't pay.

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Get in Touch for Seamless Mixing and Mastering

Feel free to contact me for all your mixing and mastering needs. I provide professional audio services that enhance and perfect your music. Whether you need clarity, depth, or just that final polish, I’m here to help you achieve the sound you desire. Reach out today, and let's make your tracks sound their absolute best!

Selected Work.

Image 1
Lydmor - vild
Image 2
Hjalmer - Lige nu
Image 3
Takykardia - Better Reworks
Image 4
Apex Anima - Elf FO
Image 5
Simon Glöde - Fire
Image 6
ilt - Astral



€336/per song

  • 2500 DKK
  • Free revisions
  • *All prices are including VAT

Stereo Mastering

€67/per song

  • 500 DKK
  • Free revisions
  • *All prices are including VAT

Stem Mastering

€120/per song

  • 900 DKK
  • Free revisions
  • *All prices are including VAT