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Filmed By: Philipp Göllner

Music: Ruhi Erdogan - SU (Mixed & mastered by Hesseldahl)

Welcome to Hesseldahl Sound.

Hesseldahl Sound is a mix & mastering studio run by me, Mikkel. With a master’s degree from Copenhagen Rhythmic Music Conservatory from 2016 and a true passion for everything music and sound, I will get the best out of your mixes.

I have worked professionally with music for many years, and at Hesseldahl Sound, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. I offer free revisions until you’re happy with the result.

No two mastering studios are ever the same, so I always recommend potential clients that they send their music to a few different studios asking for mastering samples. This way, you can compare the results before committing to any one studio. If you send me a song, I’ll master it and send you back a sample, free of charge, so you can decide whether or not I’m the right person for your specific and unique project.

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Lydmor - Vild

Credits: Mastering

Firs - Det Svimler (live)

Credits: Mix & mastering

ilt - Astral

Credits: Mix

Apex Anima - I want to lick the eyeballs of free market capitalism

Credits: Mix & mastering

Ruhi Erdogan - 1990

Credits: Mix & mastering

Takykardia - Sometimes My Best Friends Ghosts Me (Dave Okumu Rework)
Credits: Mastering

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Mikkel Hesseldahl Konyher
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