Test mastering sample: Free ( If you like how the master sounds, you’ll be able to purchase and get the full master.)


Stereo mastering: 67 eur, 500 DKK / song

Stem mastering: 121 eur, 900 DKK / song


Vinyl premaster digital file + PQ sheets: 67 eur, 500 DKK /side
(requires master)

Alternate versions: 40 eur, 300 DKK / song / version

DDP creation: 121 eur, 900 DKK

Mixing: 336 eur, 2500 DKK / song

*All prices are including VAT

Once you have approved the master or mix you can pay the invoice via PayPal or bank transfer.

Turnaround time on mastering is 2-3 days

Turnaround time on mixing is approximately a week