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- Use 24bit or 32bit and keep your sample rate as you recorded it

- .wav

- Make sure the track is not clipping/distorting/exceeding 0dbfs



For mixing inquiries send me an e-mail:

Remember to include a link to your files.
You can send me the files through "Hesseldahl Sound WeTransfer channel", Google Drive, Dropbox or whatever works for you.

How to prepare files for mixing:

File Format:

- 24bit and keep your sample rate as you recorded it.

- .wav

- make sure no track is clipping/distorting

Naming of files:

1. Name each file starting with the type of element it contains

2. Create 6 folders and name them: “vocals”, “drums”, “bass”, “guitars”, “fx”, “keys” and move the appropriate files into their respective folders.


3. Zip all the folders into a new folder that contains the artist name, song name and bpm: Artist X – Song X – 120bpm


When exporting please bypass all plugin instances that you may have applied when creating your rough mix. Exceptions:

- Keep plugins that are a crucial part of the sound design and define the character of a sound, e.g. AutoTune vocal effects or extreme filtering to completely change the tone of a sound

- Keep filter automation

- Keep all plugins on sounds that are sound effects in themselves, such as booms, sweeps, or risers

-Include the latest approved rough mix

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