Upload your mix for mastering through Hesseldahl Sound WeTransfer channel:

- Use 24bit or 32bit and keep your sample rate as you recorded it

- .wav

- Make sure the track is not clipping/distorting/exceeding 0dbfs



For mixing inquiries send me an e-mail: mikkel@hesseldahlsound.com and tell me about your project.

Remember to include a link to your files.
You can send me the files through "Hesseldahl Sound WeTransfer channel", Google Drive, Dropbox or whatever works for you.

How to prepare files for mixing

File Format:

- 24bit and keep your sample rate as you recorded it.

- .wav

- make sure no track is clipping/distorting

Naming of files:

1. Name each file starting with the type of element it contains: kick

If there are more than one of the elements just use ascending numbers: kick 2

2. Create 6 folders and name them: “vocals”, “drums”, “bass”, “guitars”, “fx”, “keys” and move the appropriate files into their respective folders.

3. Zip all the folders into a new folder that contains the artist name, song name and bpm: Artist X – Song X – 120bpm


When exporting please bypass all plugin instances that you may have applied when creating your rough mix. Exceptions:

- Keep plugins that are a crucial part of the sound design and define the character of a sound, e.g. AutoTune vocal effects or extreme filtering to completely change the tone of a sound

- Keep filter automation

- Keep all plugins on sounds that are sound effects in themselves, such as booms, sweeps, or risers

-Include the latest approved rough mix